Residential EV Charger Installation + Charger


Our Installation + Charger packages include the installation of an EV Charger provided by us. Our EV charger for residential installs is the Ocular LTE. We offer other chargers for an additional cost. Get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

Not sure of the difference between single pase & three phase power? Check out our article here which explains it in detail.

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Power Supply

Single Phase, Three Phase


Our Standard Installation Includes:

  • Installation of conduit and saddles, if required, to provide mechanical protection and to conceal power circuit
  • Installation of RCBO (Residual current operated Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) in the existing utility panel box to protect electric vehicle charger circuit
  • Installation of power cable (up to 15m run) from RCBO in the utility panel box to isolator to power electric vehicle charger
  • Installation of isolator above customer preferred EV charger location
  • Mounting and connection of EV charger installed at customer preferred location per assessment
  • The EV charger will be tested, commissioned, and certified as operational in your your
  • Installations conducted in line with AS3000
  • Works to be carried out by licensed electricians
  • Installation to be completed between 7am-5pm business day

Not Included:

  • If the installation required exceeds the standard installation, an additional proposal will require approval prior to proceeding.
  • The installation only makes provisions for a customer’s existing available electricity and does not include costs involved in having to upgrade a domestic electricity supply.

EV charger included:

  • Our standard EV charger included in our set price Installation + Charger package is the Ocular LTE. 
  • The Ocular LTE comes in a single-phase or three-phase compatible version depending on your power supply
  • We offer a range of other electric vehicle chargers. If you would like another charger please contact us so that we can provide a quote.

Service Area

  • EV Installations provides installation in greater Sydney.


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