We are the experts in installing EV infrastructure into apartment buildings. It's what we do day in and day out. When you work with us you'll know that your solution will work now and into the future. It's our mission to ensure that all stakeholders have complete peace of mind. 



Whether we are looking to install EV charging stations in your workplace for employees, at your commercial premises for customers or at a venue we can help. We will help you to choose the right size charging station for your needs, as well as billing and load management software where required.


Feasibility study

An EV Feasibility Study is the best place to start when installing EV Infrastrtucre in an existing building. It provides all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the installation options, required electrical upgrades, charging stations options and locations and costs for the project.

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Apartment retrofitting

We specialise in retrofitting existing apartments with EV infrastructure. We have created a process that makes the experience seamless and ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page. Our

Commercial EV Installations

We can install EV charging stations at your workplace, venue, or commercial premises. We will help you to understand what charging station you require as well as billing and load management.

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EV Feasibility Study

An EV Feasibility Study is the best place to start on your building’s EV journey. What’s included:

  • Site inspection
  • Building and electrical infrastructure assessment
  • EV Infrastructure recommendations
  • EV charging station requirements & recommendations
  • Load management & billing recommendations
  • Budget pricing
  • Q&A session with committee
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Industry Experts

Retrofitting existing building's for EV Infrastructure is all we do, day in, and day out. We know the intricacies that come with these types of installations saving you time, money, and headaches throughout the installation.

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Reputable brands

We are the preferred installation partners for the leading EV hardware and software providers. We will tailor your EV solution to best suit your needs, never locking you into one provider and giving you flexibility to change at any stage.

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East Coast Installations

We operate throughout the East Coast of Australia. We complete EV Feasibility Studies and EV installations across existing residential and commercial building's.

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Previous Installation

Walk Through

This apartment building in Sydney wanted all residents to have access to EV charging in their individual car space. To do this we installed what is known as the “backbone infrastructure”. Watch the video to see what’s involved.

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Shared Charging - Rhodes

This apartment building in Rhodes turned two of their visitor car parking spaces into dedicated EV charging bays. These are accessible by both resident’s and visitors.

Backbone Installation - Sydney

This apartment building installed what is known as the “backbone infrastructure” to allow all 180 residents to install charging stations in their individual car spaces.

reputable brands

Our EV chargers

We have aligned with the most reputable Australian charger suppliers. The chargers and accessories we provide are incredibly flexible as they are able to interact with any other charger or software solution. We can provide AC or DC chargers depending on your requirements. All our products carry extensive warranty periods and are backed by our installation warranty ensuring that any issues are rectified at no cost and in a timely manner. 

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Safety first
Safety is paramount to everything that we do

From the moment we enter your premises, our staff have been trained to assess and mitigate all potential risks. All installations are completed by Australian qualified and experienced electricians in line with Australian electrical standards and regulations. 


we're proud to be certified eV installers

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