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We specialise in retrofitting existing buildings for EV

We understand the financial and time commitment required to prepare your building for electric vehicles. Our turn-key solution future-proofs your building for EV uptake while giving you access to EV charging now. We work alongside you to create a solution that fits within your budget and capital works, is digestible for all stakeholders, and scales as EV uptake increases in your building. 

retrofitting existing buildings

the 3 approaches

There are 3 approaches to installing EV charging in existing buildings. Which you decide to go with depends on your building capabilities and your residents requirements. We specialise in helping you decide which approach is right for you now, and into the future. Hover over each approach below to learn more about when they are suitable.

Shared Charging

Allocating one or more common/visitor car spaces for EV charging. A good entry level solution for Owners Corporations that want to provide EV charging facilities and are happy to have a shared resource. It is also a good interim solution to give residents access to charging while the committee approves backbone infrastructure which would allow all residents to have a charging station in their individual car space.

GPO "Trickle" charging

Installing a GPO in each residents car space so that they can have access to Trickle Charging if they have an EV. This would give them approximately 7km of range per hour of charging. If the GPO is connected to the individual's power supply then they will be billed directly by their energy provider however if it is connected to the building's power then billing needs to be considered.

Resident EV Charging

Implementing the infrastructure to allow all residents to have an EV charging station in their car spaces. This involves the strata paying for the backbone infrastructure and then the resident paying for the connection of their EV charging station to the backbone infrastructure. Residents would get approximately 40km range per hour of charging.

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EV Feasibility Study

An EV Feasibility Study is the best place to start on your building’s EV journey. What’s included:

  • Site inspection
  • Building and electrical infrastructure assessment
  • EV Infrastructure recommendations
  • EV charging station requirements & recommendations
  • Load management & billing recommendations
  • Budget pricing
  • Q&A session with committee
how we work

our process

We know that getting your building EV ready can be a hair-pulling exercise that gets put in the “too-hard basket”. That’s why we start the process with an EV Feasibility Study. The study will give all stakeholders a clear understanding of what your building’s EV rollout plan looks like and how much it will cost to implement. It includes all the information you require about the EV infrastructure, charging station hardware, and load management and billing software. 

EV Feasibility Study

The first step to getting your building EV ready. We will provide you with a final report that outlines what EV infrastructure we recommend for your building and what upgrades will need to occur in your current electrical infrastructure to facilitate this. You will be provided with an EV rollout plan for your building and understand the costs to implement it.

Install EV Infrastructure

Installation of the relevant electrical infrastructure, hardware, and software depending on the approach taken for your building.

Install Residents charging stations

We will install residents' EV chargers in their individual car space as required. We provide an equitable set price for installation and hardware for all residents regardless of their car space location.

Annual servicing & maintenance

This in an added service to ensure the charging stations are operating optimally and to ensure the integrity and longevity of the charging stations and backbone infrastructure.

Previous Installation

Walk Through

This apartment building in Sydney wanted all residents to have access to EV charging in their individual car space. To do this we installed what is known as the “backbone infrastructure”. Watch the video to see what’s involved.

EV Explained

Things to consider for your building

ev installations_ev charging station
Load Management

Load management is required to ensure that the circuit is not overloaded when residents are charging their EVs. Our article below deep dives into all things load management for existing buildings. 

ev installations_ev charging station
Billing & Payment

Metering of each EV chargers usage and subsequent billing needs to take place. This can be manual or automatic. Our article below summarises everything you need to know about both options.

ev installations_ev charging station installation
Charging Speeds

There are different charging speeds for EVs. The charging speeds can range from 10km range per hour of charge to 120km range per hour of charge. Learn more about the different charging speeds below.

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the ev installations difference
we'll never treat you like a number

We are passionate about working with Owners Corporations’ and are committed to creating a seamless and enjoyable process.  If you choose to work with us we will ensure that you understand your options and feel empowered to make the best decision for your building now and into the future. 

Safety first
Safety is paramount to everything that we do

From the moment we enter your premises, our staff have been trained to assess and mitigate all potential risks. All installations are completed by Australian qualified and experienced electricians in line with Australian electrical standards and regulations. 


we're proud to be certified eV installers

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