EV Feasibility Study for strata car parks. What’s included & why it should be your first step to getting your building EV ready.

Knowing where to start to get your strata building ready for EV’s can be a daunting task. We find that many Owners Corporations think that getting a quote for the backbone infrastructure is the first step and they often wait to do this until they have enough interest from residents for EV charging. In actual fact, an EV Feasibility Study is the best place to start on your building’s EV journey. Here’s why.

  • It gives you a clear plan for rolling out EV infrastructure in your building
  • It gives you costs for the infrastructure
  • It reviews your current electrical infrastructure and provides recommendations on electrical upgrades that need to occur for EV charging

What’s included in an EV Feasibility Study

From the EV Feasibility Study you will be provided with a final report that outlines what EV infrastructure we recommend for your building and what upgrades will need to occur in your current electrical infrastructure to facilitate this. You will be provided with an EV rollout plan for your building and understand the costs to implement it.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what is included in the study.

  • 1 x Site Inspection
    • During this site inspection we will gather all the information required to complete your final report
  • Installation of Energy Monitoring Device
    • We will install a temporary Energy Monitoring Device (EMD) on your main switchboard for a minimum of two weeks. This will track the energy usage of your building and tell us how much power is available for EV charging. Once we have this data we will then decommission the EMD

EV Feasibility Study Final Report

  • Building & Electricity Assessment
    • A breakdown of your building’s current electrical capacity on the relevant switchboards and how load management can help to manage charging requirements with your available capacity.
    • Review of your current electricity charges across peak, shoulder, and off-peak periods.
    • Recommendations for reducing peak charges or adjusting EV charging tariffs to account for these.
  • Current Electrical Infrastructure Assessment
    • Outlining if there is enough capacity for EV charging with the existing electrical infrastructure.
    • Where we would need to install new EV distribution board/s to service all car spaces in the building.
    • Detailed diagram of which car spaces each EV distribution would service and a breakdown of how much charging capacity these distribution boards would provide residents.
    • Routing options for the power supply to the EV chargers including the busway Flat cable system and how this would visually look in the carpark.
  • Recommendations for your EV infrastructure
    • Identifying car space layouts and how chargers can be located.
    • Details on the load management system required and how this would distribute the available power to the EV chargers.
    • Breakdown of approximately how much range per hour of charging residents would get with different amounts of EV chargers being in use at the same time. You’ll be able to understand what charging speeds to expect at different levels of EV uptake in your building.
    • Details on billing options for the OC to recoup charging costs.
  • EV charging roadmap
    • Rollout plan for EV charging infrastructure as well as costs for each stage.

What do you need to provide for the study?

There a few things that we require from you for the study.

  • Building’s Electricity bills for the past 12 months
  • Single line diagrams (SLDs)
  • Car park plans (PDF)

How to get started

The first step to organising an EV Feasibility Study is to get in touch with us. We will speak to you about your building and your requirements and then provide you a with a quote. Once approved we will organise a site inspection where we will collect all the information required. Your final report will be completed approximately 3 weeks after the EMD has finished collating data.

You can contact us by completing the form below.

Until then – Happy charging!

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